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Why talk up the tech revolution, when Asia’s problems are largely pre-industrial?

24 August, 2016

It is premature to talk about how technology will save Asia when so many of the region's problems are pre-industrial in nature.

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How one Hong Kong village has adapted a rural lifestyle for the 21st century

15 August, 2016

Karim Rushdy and Nicholas Gordon say the improbable revitalisation of a village in northeastern Hong Kong should serve as a role model to preserve our rural culture – by making village life economically viable

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The Olympic Committee Made a Huge Mistake Snubbing These Incredible Sports

05 August, 2016

The Olympics are the only time many sports and atheletes get the attention they deserve. The Olympics should not focus on sports that regularly reach global television screens (e.g. soccer, basketball, and golf), and focus on sports that deserve more attention, like squash and sepak takraw.

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