In October 2016, GIFT opened its ASEAN office in Kuala Lumpur. This was in response to the growing demand in the ASEAN region for GIFT's services and thought leadership.

Over the last decade, the ASEAN region, home to 625 million people, has enjoyed a sustained period of economic growth and financial stability. This new wave of opportunities is pushing governments and business leaders to think critically and creatively on how business models and economic policies can ensure continued socio-economic development and improve the lives of the hundreds of millions of people who lack access to basic needs, while managing the region's severe resource constraints.

Located at the heart of the region in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, GIFT ASEAN through its flagship Global Leaders Programme will seek to disseminate these ideas by working with governments, businesses and civil society, and at the same time looking to meet their talent development and learning needs.



GIFT’s Malaysia Young Leaders Programme (MYLP) builds on our experience conducting close to 50 executive education programmes across the region. The YLP provides a ground-breaking platform for young professionals from all sectors of society to engage in leadership development, cross-sectoral collaboration and constructive dialogue.


Developed in response to demand for shorter experiential programmes these 4-5 day engagements are tailored to meet specific business and learning needs and provide executives with real-world insights through interactions with policymakers, business and community leaders.


1-3 day sessions drawing on GIFT’s propriety curriculum and methodology. Designed to compel participants to question and better understand the realities of a complex world and their roles as leaders in their organisations. Option to combine classroom and experiential learning.