Upcoming March 2017 Malaysia YLP


Upcoming March 2017 Malaysia YLP

Malaysia, March/April 2017
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GIFT’s inaugural Malaysia Young Leaders Programme (MYLP) builds on our experience conducting close to 50 executive education programmes across the region. The YLP provides a ground-breaking platform for young professionals from all sectors of society to engage in leadership development, cross-sectoral collaboration and constructive dialogue.

Malaysia is central to the economic integration process of the ASEAN region but to tap into the opportunities and overcome challenges, the country’s aspiring leaders must be equipped with the skills, knowledge and awareness required to navigate the region’s rapidly changing social, political and economic environment.

The MYLP invites participants to appreciate the importance of multicultural dynamics, to nurture a sense of purpose and empathy, and to contribute with fresh ideas towards building a socially harmonious nation through public engagement and consultation at a time when it is needed the most.

Participants will apply their leadership skills towards producing a report to launch a network of community based sports hubs across Malaysia. Participants will channel their skills and work collaboratively to develop ideas for how sports hubs can be practical and financially viable, whilst help to promote entrepreneurship, youth engagement and social cohesion. By constructively bringing together different members of the community, the MYLP seeks to create a more inclusive and healthy environment and introduces a new model for consultation and public engagement.

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For more information on the Malaysia YLP, please contact Pial.