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Dennis Chang

Head of China, MasterCard Worldwide

"The GIFT Programme was an experience of a lifetime for me. It is unique in both form and substance from other executive training programs I've attended before.  The real-world implication of our work if done right created an 'uplifting' learning experience that urged me to outperform and think beyond what I’ve been trained up to do in the corporate world. It was a truly rewarding experience."

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Bruce L’Orange

General Manager, DFS

"The programme has opened my eyes to the importance of critical thinking. I learnt that empathy and being able to connect with people from other cultures and with different points of view are key leadership traits; without these skills there is little chance to create a sphere of influence."

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Lei Jing

Deputy CIO, AIA China

"I have learned that there are many more factors and considerations in a business decision process, it is not only about revenue, cost and profits. I have learned to be more open-minded and aware of my surroundings, trends and emerging ideas."

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Kim Hartnett

Managing Director, FedEx Office (USA)

"During the YLP, leadership is about partnering with peers to achieve common goals, and recognising the importance of leveraging people’s strengths. The YLP highlighted that the world is an extremely diverse place, and that we should value differences as opportunities."

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Vivian Zhou

Assistant to Division Chief, Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office

"I know what a good leader looks like, but it is another story when you are a leader in a real-life situation. I learned how to strike a balance between control and delegation and how to divide energy among all team members."

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Kalpana Beesabathuni

Head of Sight and Life, DSM India

"I discovered through the programme that for a leader it takes a tremendous amount of will power and relentless pursuit to encourage new ways of thinking and new ideas in an organisation."

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Teddy Li

Head of Information Management, Dupont Pioneer China

"The interactions and role plays on different topics have really inspired our thinking on some big topics which are critical for business success. Communications with participants from different cultures and backgrounds has helped me broaden my views and improve my leadership skills"

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Maryam Aziz

Head-Risk Mgmt & Internal Audit, ORIX Pakistan

"I think this training was tremendously useful in more ways than just refining our leadership skills and pointing us in the right direction. It was also about building relationships across the Group and improving understanding and communication between colleagues."

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Dr. Bei Hu

Regional Head of Marketing Plasticizers & Alcohols, BASF

"The GIFT programme is a very rewarding and eye-opening experience: It inspires future leaders to look into issues from a much broader scope and from different angles. Participants are encouraged to prepare themselves for unconventional or even uncomfortable challenges/confrontations, the solutions for which are not easy to come by."

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Linda Zhang

Market Support Manager, Porsche Motors China

"The programme is about more than just learning knowledge and skills. I learned a lot not only about project management but also about cooperation with people and working together as a team to generate results much larger than any single person could do."

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Hardy Lie

Head of Consumer Banking Operations, DBS Indonesia

"The GIFT programme teaches you how to interact with people from different backgrounds, professions and cultures and how to overcome those differences to reach one common goal.  How much you get out of it depends on how much you put in, which makes this approach different from most executive education programmes. I gained lots of constructive feedback and insights about myself and how I can improve as a leader."

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Yaqian Liu

Regional Head of Industrial Marketing, BASF

"This programme reinforces my belief that awareness does not always translate into behaviour. I need to work hard on the three key learnings from M1 – to listen, hunger for learning, and positivity – to make them become acquired behaviours."

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Shin Hamada

ORIX Investment and Management

"The programme taught me that a conservative mindset will never change the world and challenged all of us as a team to produce a logically coherent business plan with real depth."