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GIFT's 28th Global Young Leaders Programme in Mongolia

GIFT's 28th Global Young Leaders Programme in Mongolia

In GIFT's 28th YLP, 30 executives from 11 countries spent two weeks in Hong Kong and Mongolia, and crafted an initial blueprint for the first ever impact investment fund to be set up in Mongolia. The programme was conducted in close partnership with TenGer Financial Group, a regional family of companies leading the way in providing fair access to broad and inclusive financial services in Mongolia.

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GIFT's 28th YLP Featured on NTV, Mongolia

English Transcript:

NTV (New Television, Mongolia): The Young Global Leaders have successfully completed their 28th program in Mongolia, during which the participants focused on crafting creative solutions for SME financing for the country's rural population. 30 professionals from world-renowned companies have gathered in Mongolia in cooperation with TenGer Financial Group and Frontier Securities and drafted the a blueprint for a social impact investment fund. They believe the project is much needed given the current situation in the country where leadership and good corporate governance is lacking. 

Chandran: One of the take-aways from this programme was to bring business professionals from fast-growing countries to get them to understand diverse business issues and opportunities while learning from each others different cultures. Also, we hope that a social impact fund can be set up in Mongolia to facilitate its growth, and today we have presented the initial plan. 

NTV: Participants have spent the past week in Mongolia meeting businesses, consumers and investors in Ulaanbaatar and also in rural areas. Although in the last few years the Mongolian economy has been growing rapidly, financing costs are high and funding sources scarce, providing challenging access to capital markets. The programme has helped local SMEs to meet with investors and allowed them to learn about new types of financing available for their businesses.

23rd Global Young Leaders Programme with JustChange in India

23rd Global Young Leaders Programme with JustChange in India

In November 2011, 25 executives from 12 countries representing 15 organisations spent a week in India to produce a viable plan for Just Change to operationalise Participative Capital. This diverse group was comprised of emerging leaders from countries including Japan, India, Nigeria, and Malaysia nominated by global companies such as FedEx, BASF, NEC, Orix and Infosys.

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