The Global Leaders Programme (GLP) is GIFT’s flagship leadership programme. It combines classroom and field-based learning in a two-week programme, conducted 4 – 6 times a year in countries across the Asia Pacific region.

Targeted at globally- and regionally- prominent companies and NGOs, the GLP focuses on advancing a more contemporary and unabashed understanding of the drivers of change in the 21st century including the impacts of peak population, unpredictable climate change, technology over-reach and the crisis of capitalism, among others. Participants are invited to think critically about business models, pricing, externalities, socio-economic development and the nature of prosperity itself. The classroom content and experiential field project of the GLP are rooted in the realities of Asia which will continue to shape the world at large in the years to come.

The first half of the GLP is spent in Hong Kong, while the second half is spent in the field, in an experiential component that includes of site visits, stakeholder discussions, and on-the-ground research.