YLP sparks interest at Macau tourism school


One hundred final-year tourism students at the Macau University of Science and Technology have been intrigued by the possibilities that the Global Young Leaders Programme (YLP) opens to participants, organisations, and communities.

For many, an introduction to the YLP by Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) senior consultant Aurea Yung was their first to an international programme which aims to tackle challenges thrown up by globalisation.

Ms Yung’s address and slide presentation intrigued the students, judging by their questions. Alex Chiang, of Gammon Construction, who took part in the pilot YLP project in Yunnan province in July and August, gave a brief description of that field project.

Ms Yung and Mr Chiang spoke for an hour on Thursday, October 12 at the invitation of the Faculty of Management and Administration, which runs several international tourism management programmes.

Ms Yung outlined GIFT’s mission, spoke in general about the YLP – its objectives, its outcomes – and in detail about the pilot project in Haitang Administrative Village in Yunnan. She answered questions from the floor about the programme’s selection criteria, on specifics on the site project at Haitang, and on progress on its outcomes.

The objectives of the presentation were to enlighten the students on the application of business skills and management concepts in different situations” said Ms Yung, “ and to allow them to learn about the importance and benefits of social responsibility both for individuals and organisations.

Ms Yung touched briefly on the next YLP field project, which is to be in India at a wildlife sanctuary which is the last home the Asiatic lion.

After Ms Yung spoke, Young Leader alumnus Mr Chiang painted a picture for the tourism students from the point of view of a participant of the programme. He gave his impressions of Haitang, its residents, their lives and goals.

The YLP is designed by GIFT to fill a fundamental gap in today’s training for future leaders of a society that is increasingly global. It marries theory learning, discussion, debate, and workshops on vital globalisation issues – sustainability, ethics, and governance, for example – with a life-changing experience, a specially selected field project that introduces business executives to the realities of life on the other side.

The Global Institute For Tomorrow connects business, public policy and civil society to meet the challenges of globalisation in Asia.