On-line viewers click at chance to learn about YLP

Kit Law appeared on The Interactive Channel’s iCharity show on 24 February 2007.

Ms Law, who is GIFT’s chief researcher, appeared on the channel’s iCharity show on Saturday, 24 February 2007. She gave an insider’s point of view after playing a key role in the second Young Leaders Programme.

Ms Law described the second module of the programme, the field project at Gir National Park and Sanctuary in Gujarat state, India, which centred on galvanising the villagers of Chitrod to realise their dreams of a better future.

The week-long field project took place in January.

She fielded questions that were posted live to show host Jack Law through the iCharity chat-line. The hour-long iCharity show was broadcast both on cable TV and via its website. The interview was conducted in Cantonese.

iCharity is described on the TIC website as, “A platform for charity organisations to voice and introduce their work, events and hopes of achievements to the general public via Interactive/participation TV”. It airs live each Saturday at 9 p.m.