Temasek Management Services Academy Executives Provide Insights to Yoma Bank

Business executives, led by Temasek Management Services Academy, presented insights on steps Yoma Bank can take to lead the banking industry in Myanmar.

The presentation was given to Yoma Bank staff and covered all aspects of the bank’s operations, market positioning and branding, products and services, branch operations, organizational structure and governance, and human resources and change management.

The 30 executives worked in teams to collect and analyze information gathered from interviews with Yoma Bank employees and customers.  The diverse group worked in a variety of different industries and came from countries like Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Mexico and India.  Six individuals from Yoma Bank also participated in the executive education program.

U Ba Maung Sein, the Deputy Head of Credit for Yoma Bank articulated the value of the program. “Collaborating with the high caliber managers helped us develop fresh perspectives on where we are today and how to achieve our organizational aspirations.  The program provided an opportunity for open and honest discussion as well as debate about the future of Yoma Bank.  The enriching exchange of ideas and knowledge generated by people working in different industries and from different cultures was refreshing and powerful.”

The program was facilitated by the TMS Academy in conjunction with the Global Institute for Tomorrow.  The objective was to provide a self directed learning experience in which high performing individuals work together and learn from each other.  Insights that lead to sustainable business solutions that are appropriate for the challenges of tomorrow were sought after.

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