Chandran Nair at inter chamber of commerce luncheon workshop

Beyond conventional leadership


In an intimate gathering of senior executives, Chandran Nair, founder and CEO of the Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) challenged executives to reflect on the topic of intellectual dishonesty, which Nair believes to be the largest threat to modern society.

"We hear about companies being ‘carbon neutral,’ but the only people in the world that are carbon neutral are the indigenous populations in Papua New Guinea or the Amazon.”

The talk was wrapped up with an exercise of personal reflection, whereby the executives were asked to write down what they, as leaders of enterprise could do to reflect on the intellectual honesty of their own organisations, and a change that they could make as a result.

This event took place at the Jockey Club on Thursday, 25th of March, and was attended by executive members of the Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Italian and Swiss Chambers of Commerce.