Here's what's really happening in Asia


EntrepreneursDay 2010

Recently Chandran Nair, CEO and founder of GIFT, had the unique opportunity to speak in the sourthern German resort of Tegernsee before a large audience of Germany’s top 250 entrepreneurs, business angels and investors for the prestigious annual Entrepreneurs' Day 2010 event.

With so many rapid developments occurring in Asia, Nair attempted to provide an introduction to the reality of what is happening in Asia in what he describes as “behind the scenes, far from TV cameras of the business challenges.” He delivered a sobering overview of Asia’s challenges and what it means for the world. Yet, recognizing that these challenges such as climate change, over-consumption and poverty could also present opportunities that traditional investment circles could address, Nair stated the emerging importance of innovative social entrepreneurs in Asia who were using a commercial approach to provide solutions. Nair concluded the presentation by citing examples of recent GIFT projects which hold exciting opportunities for potential investors.

EntrepreneursDay annual event was organized by Mountain Partners Group, a global asset management firm, from the 15-16 April 2010.  The event brought together renowned keynote speakers to discuss various future trends of the internet, high-tech and clean-tech sector.