The Tyranny of Tech Over- Reach : Getting a Life at Work and Tales from “Our Real World”

By Chandran Nair at Asian Human Capital & Leadership Symposium

It should be obvious to all in the developing world that access to proper sanitation and clean water would have a far greater effect on people's lives in Asia than more access to the internet. Yet we live in an age where business elites are obsessed with the promotion of the latest technology, sadly distilled to the power of the internet and computing, as if other technologies do no exist and nothing else matters. We need to question the extraordinary bluff promoted by the tech entrepreneurs and their backers. Given the enormous challenges Asia faces it is time we had a reality check and stop blindly believing in technology narratives from the West which have no bearing on the realities of the challenges facing the world at large. And there is that all important question of our humanity too as tech takes over our working lives becoming the new tyranny at work and creating the era of an out of control “anti-social media” rooted in narcissism. It has become an addiction like no other. 

Chandran Nair's talk critiqued the growing power of tech companies with their self-serving agendas to shape the development paths of our collective future, becoming “too big to trust” and described the true stories of life "on the ground" in the developing world. He discussed the negative effects the current emphasis on technology is having on the way we do work and live and outlined what the world really needs from technology in the broadest sense.