Hong Kong | 4 - 9  September
Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel, Hong Kong  

MODULE TWO (Residential)
Hong Kong | 24 - 29 September
Auberge Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

HK$ 80,000 per participant
Includes course materials, transport, hotels (Module Two) and most meals

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Module One invites participants to speak openly about how they understand Hong Kong and its future, through candid discussion, debate and role play exercises. Participants from business, government and civil society are encouraged to think critically about Hong Kong's place in China, the Asia-Pacific, and the wider world. How will the city's changing relationship with China affect its position as a regional hub and global financial sector? How will Hong Kong compete against other world cities and overcome internal challenges like rising inequality and its housing crisis?


In between Module One and Module Two, participants will have the opportunity to carry out research and due diligence for the upcoming field project. Team Assignments facilitate the transition into Module Two, and are designed to further the group’s understanding of the issues surrounding the field project.  

Field Project: Next Generation Affordable Housing in Hong Kong

From SCMP TV, Andy Yeung takes a bird's-eye view of Hong Kong's cramped housing conditions with his latest drone photography series.

Given its societal challenges Hong Kong is showing a growing need and appetite for platforms that enable dialogue and the sharing of ideas. Answers are often wide-ranging and multifaceted. The search for compromise and consensus building is a challenging yet fundamental requirement to move discussions forward, beyond stereotypes and past grievances. Although divided in what the solutions should be, Hong Kong is united in its need to find collective solutions.

Housing in Hong Kong is the city’s single most important policy concern. Hong Kong recently became the most unaffordable major housing market in the world – it would take a skilled service worker 18.5 years to afford a 60 square-meter apartment near the city center.

The overall housing demand will reach one million units by 2046, requiring an overall land requirement of 1,670 hectares (around 1.5% of the total land area of Hong Kong).

 In close collaboration with local public and private sector partners, participants will gain real-world insights and expand their understanding of the issue through interactions with policy makers, business leaders and community stakeholders.

In the field project participants will engage in site visits, interviews and focus groups leading to the production and presentation of recommendations to increase access to affordable housing and a framework for implementation. More importantly, the HKYLP will aim to move the current discussion forward by addressing and tackling barriers through new and inclusive approaches.

Supporting organisations include:

Open Forum: Next Generation Affordable Housing in Hong Kong

Date: Friday, 29 September 2017
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Venue: tbc

You are invited to attend our free public forum on 29 September to hear strategic recommendations to increase access to affordable housing in Hong Kong.