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Hong Kong | 22 - 26 Oct 2018

Shaanxi and Shanxi, China | 27 Oct - 2 Nov 2018

apple grower

US$ 18,000 per participant
Includes course materials, flights (HK to/from Xian, China), hotels and most meals

The forces of globalisation, technology and the rising economic influence of Asia are shaking traditional theories of economics and management to their core. In spite of instant information, gaining a clear view of the changing world is harder than ever. Practical leadership skills based on in-country experience are a business prerequisite like never before. 

Internationally recognised for its intellectual rigour and experiential, output-driven methodology, GIFT’s Global Leaders Programme (GLP) takes executive learning beyond classrooms to the frontlines of global change. 


The GLP gives future leaders unscripted insights into the most salient issues of our time amidst real-world business challenges in key growth markets. Rigorous, professionally-facilitated field projects promote truly global perspectives, personal development and the soft skills for leading diverse teams, while introducing new pathways to success in the 21st century.

Your top talent will debate questions such as:

  • How do shifting expectations from society influence the development of new business models?

  • Which is a more effective approach to economic development: the free market or a strong state?

  • What is the role of regulation?

  • Can technology and big data be made socially useful?

  • Should business or government take the lead on sustainability?

Dibya Ojha, CFO NEC India
The GLP brought me ‘back to basics‘, challenged our traditional views and stretched us to expand our understanding of what leadership needs to be in the 21st century.
— Dibya Ojha, CFO NEC India
The programmes are designed to help participants develop a better understanding of long-term sustainability… and learn how to adapt their business models to succeed in new markets.
— Financial Times

Puhan Cooperative


Rooted in Asia with a contemporary global view
Unrivalled insights from 60 on-ground projects

Leadership through Purposeful Engagement
Mindset shifts and behavioural dynamics for effective leadership

Deep experiential learning methodology
Hands-on learning experience to build self-awareness and test leadership resilience



  • Learn how to create a culture of high performance.

  • Embed thought leadership within the business. Learn to generate ideas that matter and turn them into action.

  • Strengthen business planning skills. Write with clarity and precision.

  • Run effective meetings & produce outcomes. Unproductive meetings cost +US$200bn annually.

  • Gain insights into performance of key talents. We provide constructive, actionable recommendations.

  • Understand global trends from an Asian perspective

  • Gain insights into future markets, business models, opportunities and threats

  • Develop leadership skills through real-world situations

  • Communicate effectively across cultures, industries and socio-economic backgrounds

  • Build lifelong networks with peer business leaders across industries and regions

MODULE ONE: Challenging Business Orthodoxy

Through discussions, debates and role plays, participants deepen their understanding of the role of global business across advanced and emerging economies.  Core topics facilitated by GIFT and interactive discussions with peers provoke new thinking and ideas for action, forming the building blocks for real-life project work.


Core sessions include the following, amongst others:

MODULE TWO: Creating New Business Models

Rigorous field-based learning alongside business planning sessions encourage participants to stretch beyond their comfort zones and put lateral thinking skills to the test.  Site visits and meetings with government officials, community and business leaders provide an authentic view on the region’s social, political and economic landscape. 

The challenge of producing an original, robust business plan creates a powerful platform for leadership learning – mindsets, resilience and empathetic skills. Presenting their plan at a public forum offers an exercise in communication, agility and commitment.

Global Leaders Programme (GLP) Methodology

Facilitation & Guest Speakers

Chandran Nair

Lead Facilitator, Chandran Nair, Founder & CEO GIFT

  • Former Asia Chairman Environmental Resource Management (ERM)

  • Member, Club of Rome

  • Member, WEF Global Agenda Council for Governance & Sustainability

  • Regular speaker at WEF, OECD, APEC, UN and global forums

Prominent guest speakers from business, government, media and civil society include:

David Eldon, Former Chairman, HSBC Asia Pacific
Ronnie Chan, Chairman, Hang Lung
Mark Tucker, Group Chairman, HSBC
Anson Chan, Former Chief Secretary, HKSAR Govt
Sanjeev Gandhi, Member of the Board, BASF SE
Graham Barkus, Former Head of Organisational Development, Cathay Pacific & Swire Properties




China has the largest agriculture sector in the world. With the world’s largest population and yet limited arable land resources, China’s agriculture has historically been characterized by smallholder farming. Average land size is less than 0.3 hectares per household.

Amid a slowing economy, China pledged to pursue a rural revitalisation strategy to prioritise the development of its agriculture and rural areas. Establishing long-term mechanisms to integrate smallholder farmers into modern efficient value chains is fundamental to both rural sustainability and meeting market demand for safe, high quality farm products.

Effective organisation through cooperative structures is crucial to achieving economies of scale and providing farmers with a platform to deliver the needed support in implementing sustainable farming practices.

Austria Juice, Puhan Cooperative

Module Two integrates business planning sessions and in-country site visits with the application of participants’ leadership skills to produce an original and practical plan for local partners.

Working with Austria Juice, a world-leading processor of fruit and fruit juice, and Puhan Cooperative, a leading multi-functional cooperative in China, participants will help develop a business plan for sustainable apple production which will also serve to support economic development for rural communities in Shaanxi.

Module Two will culminate in a public forum where participants will present their business plan to relevant stakeholders, potential investors, government officials, business leaders and the general public. This offers a helpful exercise in communication, agility and commitment.

Following the programme GIFT refines and delivers the plan to project partners as a resource for advancing their business objectives and realising social value.

Lingbao Cooperative

We look forward to welcoming you to our unique and transformational leadership experience in China!