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Angela Taylor is the founder of Inspire Community Outreach, a non-profit social services agency in Winnipeg, Canada. She helps provide education and therapy to individuals with mental health issues, and their families. She emphasizes the need to educate the families of these people, and bringing her services to their door. Her team of therapists offer their time to help families with the daily difficulties of providing care.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it harder for her to meet clients. Most sessions had to be delivered online. But adversity brought opportunity: the pandemic has opened new doors for her team. The shift to online now allows her team to give therapy and education sessions to families living far from the city of Winnipeg.

Mental health is one aspect of our social structures that often goes neglected. Working both at home and at the office, while also taking care of her children, does take a toll on her. Angela paints to help relieve stress.




Prabhjot Lotey

Prabhjot Singh Lotey, is a Winnipeg-based photographer. He was introduced at an early age to the camera by his grandfather and started working with him after finishing school. He learnt his photography from Magnum photographer Raghu Rai and his son Nitin Rai at Sri Aurobindo Centre for arts and communication in Delhi 2009. After completing his post graduate diploma in photography, he focused on documenting stories related to sports and children. In 2012 he was selected for Angkor photo workshops and his work exploring the Sikh faith among youth was published by Roads and Kingdoms and exhibited at Focus Festival, Mumbai 2015. Currently based in Canada he has been exploring a new life and a new photography journey.





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