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Cecilia Profumo, a Uruguayan rugby coach, has made it her mission in life to teach rugby and its values to children living in vulnerable neighbourhoods. In 2017, she started Escuelita de Rugby Inclusivo, a rugby school in Montevideo's Nueva España neighbourhood. The school quickly evolved into a community centre, helping to fill other basic needs missing in the community: the school provides after-school lessons to help children with their homework, offers arts classes, and provides classes for new mothers.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit Cecilia's community hard. Social distancing meant that the school could not work as normal. So Cecilia switched gears. Everyday she cooks in an olla popular (a soup kitchen) to provide meals for over 120 families. At the olla, Cecilia and the other volunteers cook nutritious meals using donated ingredients and distributes them to those waiting in line for their daily hot meal. Cecilia has also opened up two merenderos: informal spaces where children can get meals and snacks.




Deborah Elenter

Deborah Elenter was born in Montevideo in 1978. She is a photographer and a chemical engineer with a master’s in environmental engineering. Her art was presented at various venues and received local and international recognition. Her most recent project, PUERPERA, reflects childbirth experiences and is currently being exhibited at the Uruguayan Contemporary Art Museum. Recently, Deborah also published OSHER, a photobook about her personal project about death, and grief. She has been awarded local and international grants for her projects.





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